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Purchasing policies and quality

From the H10 Hotels Purchasing Department we are committed to:

1. Make a responsible consumption and use of all those products that are necessary for the operation of the hotel.
2. Make a sustainable purchase on all products that are necessary for the operation of the hotel, taking into account the following:
o Buy green
• Having a low environmental impact.
o Ethical purchase
• That guarantees in all aspects related to the production of the goods, they occur in correct circumstances such as working conditions, prices, deadlines, etc.
• Priority will be given to those products that have Sustainable Certifications.
o Social purchase
• In the social environment, that purchases have a positive impact in the areas of local development, security, etc.
• Priority will be given to local suppliers to encourage fair trade, mileage 0 and encourage the development of areas near the hotel.
o Responsible purchase
• All purchasing processes imply ethical values ​​and that permeate the decision process in the environmental, social and economic fields.

3. Whenever possible, products with the following characteristics will be purchased:
o They are recyclable or come from recycled products.
o Products from sustainable sources.
o Fair trade, organic, FSC, MSC, etc.
o Bulk purchase of products.
o Energy efficiency and water saving.
• Substituting those elements for new ones with better energy efficiency.
o Environmentally sustainable.

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